Woody Martin is an award winning musician with many years of experience in the music industry. Woody got his professional start at the age of 17, playing the piano for Ft. Worth country and western icon, David Day. He first entered the recording industry as an artist at the same age, recording at Delta Studios.

Woody has also had  a long career in Southern Gospel Music, accompanying and / or singing with such notable S.G.M.  groups and artists as the All-Star Quartet of Ft. Worth, Texas, Gary McSpadden (of the Bill Gaither Trio), The Gatemen Quartet, and the legendary Wills Family from Arlington, Texas. 
Woody and his wife, Gayle, have three children who are all musically gifted.

Sheri Flood

Lonnie Collins

Sheri Flood grew up in a pastor's home in Kennedale, TX.  At the age of 8, Sheri worked the Prison ministry with her Grandfather in downtown Fort. Worth TX. By age 11, God placed within her a love for music and the ability to sing and play instruments. She started traveling with the Liberty Singers, and ministered in music to small and large churches in the Tri-state area.  Sheri traveled with her family for 17 years and later began to sing with her husband's family, Back Road Redemption, in a bluegrass gospel group.  Sheri is very active in her Church and in the Christian school where she teaches. Sheri say, "It has been my great privilege to serve the Lord Jesus Christ with my life, in song, as well as many other areas. I am grateful for my Salvation and that He allows me the opportunity to share His message and Love with others through music." 

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Vickie Watt  is an original member of the TSGM Singers and has lived in Joshua, TX for the past 22 years with her husband of 35 years, Michael. You will love her vibrant tones and strong harmony skills as she sings, a talent she cultivated by singing with her father, a Bluegrass singer/musician at a very young age and continuing through her high school years with a Gospel group. Vickie loves the Lord and has given her life over to Jesus for service in the Gospel Music Ministry. TSGM Concerts is proud to have Vickie as a member.

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Lonnie Collins started singing solos and leading congregational singings at the age of 5 at churches across North Texas.  He was performing reguarly on The Cowboy Bob TV show by the age of 8 in Fort Worth, TX on Channel 11. He later sang with the Swordsmen Quartet before organizing The Lonnie Collin's Singers in 1967.  Lonnie then joined the U.S. Navy in 1968. Discharging from the Navy in 1972, Lonnie was soon associated with the John Avazini and Russell Michener Evangelistic Associations as Director of Special Music. 

He began promoting Southern Gospel Music Concerts while singing with Glory Song Quartet. Lonnie and Woody Martin  formed TSGM Concerts and TSGM Singers in 2017.

Woody Martin


Vicki Watt